About our Choir

Polyphonic choir INSPIRATUM / Moscow

Conducted by Oleg Kuznetsov

Polyphonic Choir INSPIRATUM was founded at 1987 by Moscow State Conservatory graduates Oleg Kuznetsov and Elena Lokshina as a choir of Moscow State Pedagogical University (MPSU). Students of many faculties became choir participants. During more than 15 years Choir gave concerts in best of Moscow' concert halls such as Bolshoy (Big), Maly (Small) and Rakhmaninov's Halls of Moscow Conservatory, Concert Hall of Filarmony n.a. Piotr Chaikovsky, same as in Russia and abroad (Greece, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland, France, Swiss, Belgium, Norway).

At this time Choir of MPSU participated in concert programs of Moscow Bach Center orchestra, and in big musical projects of International Bach Academy (Stuttgart) conducted by Helmut Rilling. A lot of major masterpieces where performed.
Among them 
J.S.Bach. Matheus Passion; Christmas Oratorio; Easter Oratorio; Cantates
Telemann, Buxtehude, Schutz. Cantates
Shutz. Johann Passion
Mozart. Requiem; Missa Brevis (D-dur)
Verdi. Requiem
Beethoven. 9th Sympnony's Final
Dvorak. Stabat Mater
Penderecky. Credo
Vivaldi. Gloria
Brahms. German Requiem
and some others.

Since February, 2011 choir restarted its activities under the new name - "Polyphonic Choir" still conducted by Oleg Kuznetsov.

During the last year choir executed some of thematic performances cover works of J.S.Bach, S. Taneev, D.Bortnyansky, S.Degtyarev and other russian and foreign composers.

Choir as in 90th invites and welcomes foreign conductors, soloists, choirs to Moscow for joint exchange projects.

During last years Choir took part in Musical and Choir Festivals in Moscow and abroad:
Rome Musical Festival, 2012;
Arts Festival "Road to Christmas", 2013;
Paris musical Festival, 2013;
Contest "Praga's Christmas", 2013;
Contest "Venezia in Musica", 2014.

Since 2016 choir appears under the new name Polyphonic choir INSPIRATUM.